Earn While You Learn

Untouchable Apprentice Training is a training program that allows a student, called an apprentice, to earn a wage while studying to become a cosmetologist or a barber.

This is done while working in the salon under the guidance and supervision of a currently licensed barber or cosmetologist.The program is approved by the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology and Department of Apprentice Standards.  Anyone can participate in this EARN while you LEARN program.

Individual stylist, Beauty Salons and Barber Shops can have an On-the-Job Training apprentice (study/work) with his/her Apprentice License issued by The Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.The apprentice can work on clients and receive payments for their services or work as an assistant with their trainer.




Phase One


Each student will complete the 39-Hour Pre-Apprentice training prior to becoming an Apprentice and prior to applying for a License by complying with the following:

  • Complete a Entrance Quiz
  • Complete the Safety, Sanitation, Rules, and Regulations assignments with a 70% (C) or better.

Phase Two


  • Submit your application packet for processing once you’ve selected a salon.
  • Attend your class one day a week for 6 hours a day at your designated training location for 2 years, 288 hours each year are required.
  • Have Satisfactory Academic Progress by passing all subjects with 70%, (C) or better grade. Students who cannot maintain SAP will not be able to complete the program until their grades improve (Consult with your instructor for make up test to improve grades.)
  • Complete 32 – 42.5 hours per week in a Salon or Barbershop with your Trainer present.
  • Submit your signed On-The-Job Training records to the school monthly (3,200 Salon Training Hours is needed to complete the program within 21-24 months.)


The salon must have a valid Establishment License and NO current fines for Trainer or Salon.

  • Submit to CBCALCI.
  • Need a copy of their Workers Compensation Insurance Certificate.
  • Pay each student at least minimum wage per hour ($9:00 per hr.).
  • Submit a Pay Stub after the 2nd week of employment.


16 years of age or older
10th grade education or equivalent
Complete the 39-Hour Pre-apprentice Training
Two year Program requires full time Employment (32 to 42.5 hrs. weekly) in a Licensed Barber Shop or Salon Establishment.
Attend weekly Related Supplemental Instruction Class


Hands on experience working with actual customers
Paid Training with Worker’s Compensation
Employment advancements
Begin building your clientele while training “ON-THE-JOB”
Two year program leads to your Professional license in Barber or Cosmetology

Are you ready to start your NEW CAREER?


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